WFTDA Adds 17 Member Leagues

On December 23rd, the Keweenaw Roller Girls were given a fabulous gift. We were announced as one of the 17 additional leagues to be accepted into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association following successful completion of the WFTDA Apprentice Program.

As new members we can now enjoy the benefits of full WFTDA membership, including competing in sanctioned games, attending the WFTDA Annual Meeting and becoming eligible for rankings. This group of new members includes leagues from Europe, North America, South America, and New Zealand.

The WFTDA now has 397 member leagues and 48 apprentice leagues world wide.

  • Kingston Derby Girls – Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Traverse City Roller Derby – Traverse City, Michigan, USA
  • Bogotá Bone Breakers – Bogotá, Colombia
  • Dunedin Derby – Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Keweenaw Roller Girls – Hancock, Michigan, USA
  • Free State Roller Derby – Rockville, Maryland, USA
  • Rocky View Roller Derby Association – Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
  • Roller Derby Caen – Caen, France
  • Cape Girardeau Roller Derby – Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA
  • High Altitude Roller Derby – Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
  • York City Derby Dames – York, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls – Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Sitka Sound Slayers – Sitka, Alaska, USA
  • South Shore Roller Girls – Hammond, Indiana, USA
  • Twin State Derby – White River Junction, Vermont, USA
  • Dom City Dolls – Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Maui Roller Girls – Kahului, Hawaii, USA

The Keweenaw Roller Girls are absolutely ecstatic to be recognized as a full member league and are eager for the year ahead. We are so proud to be amongst those who have paved the way for the successes of this great sport.

Congratulations to our fellow graduates and especially to Traverse City Roller Derby! Roller derby in the state of Michigan is stronger than ever!

May all of our New Years be fruitful and bright!

Mitten Kitten 2016 Recap

Pheww! What a weekend!

What a beautiful and amazing weekend! The Mitten Kitten Mash Up state tournament was better than we could have imagined. Mackinaw City is a great location to enjoy the fall and celebrate Michigan roller derby. The evening sunsets on Lake Huron that could be seen from our hotel bid us a good night’s rest each evening, and the spectacular sunrises sent us off into battle each morning.

The team arrived in Mackinaw City Friday with an opportunity to settle in before our first scheduled game Saturday morning against the #2 seed, Killamazoo Derby Darlin’s Kill Squad. They turned out to be a very equally matched team for us. KRG #7, took the upset win by a mere 13 points, 206 to 219. It was a back and forth point battle the entire length of the game which made for an exciting morning for fans and skaters alike. Taking the win, KRG was given an entire day to rest up before moving on to play East Lansing’s Mitten Mavens, the #3 seed.

The Mitten Mavens game was tough. KRG played the Mavens earlier this summer, it was the only team in the bracket we had any experience with. We knew they were hard hitters with skilled offensive strategy but we thought we could take them since we nabbed a win against the Mavens earlier in the season. We came out strong in the first half, our defensive walls were reforming quickly and we had some pretty stellar jams. We went into halftime ahead with 68 points to Mavens’ 49.

The second half started out same as the first, and then it began to run away from us quickly. Mavens turned up the heat and the hits, and so did their cheering section. East Lansing’s and Flint City’s fans combined as one and brought the house down with their fandom. It was nearly impossible to hear anything without shouting at the top of your lungs, but boy did it make everything else so much more exciting. East Lansing rallied through the second half and conquered KRG with a final score of  179 to 100. What a comeback!

Having lost the game against the Mavens, we were slated to play for 3rd and 4th place against either #4 seed, Ann Arbor Derby Dimes’ Ypsilanti Vigilantes, or the #1 seed, Toxic Cherries from Traverse City, who were playing each other during our 2 hour recess. This meant whoever won that game would only have about 20 minutes before having to play us. Woof!

During our short break we stretched, watched the teams play, and took a look at some stats between us and who we were expecting to play. It looked good, we looked well matched and we were so excited to play this final game of the weekend. The game between the Vigilantes and the Toxic Cherries ended as predicted; KRG to play the Vigilantes!

Ann Arbor is made up of some classy skaters with lots of patience and skill. They had some skaters with fresh legs coming into this final game, but most had just that 20 minute rest period before coming back to the track. We were feeling a mix of soreness after the physically brutal game with the Mavens, and also an intense energy of a second-wind that was making us feel light on our feet. We were feelin’ good!  

The game against the Vigis was great and full of camaraderie and fancy skill, the point spread never got too far away from either of us, but in the end the #4 Vigilantes took 3rd in Michigan D2 with a 168 to 116 win over #7 Keweenaw.

We are so very thankful for the Michigan roller derby community who is made up of hundreds, if not thousand of people. Skaters, organizers, game crew officials, vendors, folks that do the dirty work, family, and fans… it has been amazing because of every bit we’ve all individually contributed to the larger whole. Thank you River City Renegades for being incredible hosts, and to all of the Mitten Kittens out there! We can not wait until next year!


For pictures from the weekend check our Deford Designs on facebook.


KRG Does Mitten Kitten


We’re going to the Mitten Kitten Tournament in Mackinaw City!

Mitten Kitten. We’ve heard about it, some of us have attended as spectators, but this year we’re doing it! Teams from all over Michigan will come to gather at the peak of fall for a weekend of D1 and D2  games at the Mitten Kitten Mash Up – MackinAwww. KRG takes off in the D2 bracket on Saturday morning against the Killamazoo Derby Darlins “Kill Squad” – how we fair determines whether we get to rest more hours before our next game. Will be play again that night, or the next morning? Will we make it to the finals? Only time will tell. What we do know is it’s going to be one of the best weekends in the Michigan, and the best people will be there.

Also attending from the far North (above the bridge) in the D1 bracket is Dead River Derby. Between DRD and KRG we’re representing a whole lot of land with our small leagues. We’re all proud to be representing the Upper Peninsula, and so thankful for the hosting league the River City Renegades .

See the bracket below and follow KRG updates during the weekend via facebook and instagram. Going to be in the area enjoying the fall colors? Stop by and watch some of the greatest roller derby in Michigan! 

October 14 – 16
Mackinaw City Creation Centermittenkittend2bracket


Open Skate With KRG

Michigan Tech Parade of Nations and the Keweenaw Roller Girls are collaborating together to bring you an open skate event at the Houghton County Arena. This collaboration is to get you excited for the September 17th Breaksk8 performance at the Rozsa Center

This “Bring Your Own Skates/Blades” event is FREE and open to all ages and levels of experience.

Join us Wednesday, September 14th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm!
Music from around the world to skate to, and raffle prizes given away.

Thinking about joining KRG? This is a great time to come get to know the league! Come have fun with us!

We’re Recruiting!

The Keweenaw Roller Girls want to grow our league!

Vulnerability is not about fear and grief and disappointment (1)


We’re seeking new skaters (Fresh Meat) to join us on the flat track. No experience? No problem!

Each season the Keweenaw Roller Girls host a 10 week program that teaches the 101 of skating and roller derby. This year marks our 6th rendition of this program. If you’ve never skated before, that’s okay, but you will need your own gear. Skates, knee, elbow and wrist guards, helmet, and mouthguard.

Over the course of the 10 weeks we teach the mechanics of propulsion, transitioning, speed skating, and how to block and be blocked, as well as an introduction to the rules to get those mental sponges wet.  This is a fast paced sport with lots of strategy. This program is to get new skaters familiar with the sport and what it is like to be on roller skates.

Once the program has reached it’s conclusion, each skater is provided with an opportunity to take the Minimal Skills Requirement test or MSR. This test insures you have an understanding of safe play, can place control over your body and your skates, and is required in order to play in an actual game.

So here’s the stuff to know:
When: Starting Sept 18th (Sunday) – Classes are on Sundays from 12-3pm – these are dedicated to you, Fresh Meat. You are expected to make as many of these as possible. Available to attend (as supplement only not as a substitute) are the regular league practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30pm. This gives you track time and a place to practice new skills, however, many advanced drills will be off limits to you.

Where: Houghton County Arena  – this is our competition home and practice space in the late spring and summer. Once the snow flies and the ice hits the rinks KRG moves to our alternative spaces. Spaces includes, Finlandia University, Hancock High School, and Jeffer’s High School. All within 10-15 minutes from home in Hancock, MI.

How much: The program is $150 in total. This can be split into two payments of $75. It is nice to have an opportunity to test things out before you completely commit, so KRG offers the first two sessions “free,” after which the first payment is due on the 3rd Sunday.

In addition, each league skater must purchase liability insurance through the WFTDA. This is purchased annually. Your initial insurance costs are pro-rated as the insurance goes from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year. Annually the cost is $75, when you purchase insurance now it is around $40.

Buying Skates and Gear:  Please contact us through our website, email, or facebook page to inquire about special pricing on gear. There are several websites to purchase gear from, though unfortunately, in our neck of the woods there are no brick and mortar stores to buy from.

Join the KRG Fresh Meat 6.0 Facebook group for more info, or contact us here!