Schedule and Scores


May 13 –  KRG (65) vs. Chippewa Valley Roller Girls (261) (Home)

June 10 – KRG (366) vs. Shipwreck Alley Rollers (72) (Home)

June 24 –  KRG vs. Dead River Derby (Away)

July 8 – KRG (99) vs. Mid State Sisters of Skate @ Uff Da Palooza (196) (Away)

August 5 – 5th Annual Solar System Smackdown (Home)

Quantum Leapers vs Solar Flairs
Venus Vixens vs The Big Bangers

August 6 – KRG vs Beloit Bombshells (Home – Closed Game)

Sept 8 –  KRG vs Dead River Derby (Away)

Sept 16 – KRG vs Kingsford Krush (Home)

October 13 – KRG @ The 2017 Mitten Kitten Tournament (Away)

2016 Schedule (Season Three)

April 9 –  KRG (75) vs. Chippewa Valley Roller Girls (122) (away)

April 23 – KRG (76) vs. Mid-State Sisters of Skate (168)

May 7 –  KRG (84) vs. Dead River Derby  (219)

July 9 –  KRG (166) vs. Lansing Mitten Mavens Roller Derby (124)

August 6 – 4th Annual Solar System Smackdown
Venus Vixens (164) vs The Black Holes (161) – ended in overtime jam

September 10 – KRG vs. Dead River Derby (away)

October 14-16
Mitten Kitten Mash-Up Division 2 Tournament
KRG (219) vs. Killamazoo Kill Squad (206)
KRG (100) vs. East Lansing Mitten Mavens (179)
KRG (116) vs Ann Arbor Yspilanti Vigilantes (168)

2015 Scores (Season Two)

The Keweenaw Roller Girls ended the home season with the 3rd Annual Solar System Smackdown on August 15th. The Venus Vixen’s, the now three-time reigning champions, took home the win with a whopping 249 points to Uranus United’s 120.

KRG will be training new skaters going in to the fall and winter of 2015, and will return to the flat track in 2016, bigger, badder, and more spectacular than ever.

In the meantime, take a look at the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association’s website (WFTDA) to learn more about the broader world of roller derby and the governing body of the Keweenaw Roller Girls.

April 11: KRG (175) vs. Superior Sirens of Dead River Derby, Marquette (136) (Away)

April 25: KRG Expo Bout — Black Thunder (L) vs Green Lightning (W)

May 16: KRG (119) vs. Shipwreckers of Harbor City Roller Dames (255) (Away)

May 30: KRG (84) vs. Team Unicorn of Mad Rollin’ Dolls (181)

June 6: KRG (104) vs. Paper Valley Roller Girls (202) (Closed game)

June 27: KRG (132) vs. Shipwreckers of Harbor City Roller Dames (202)

August 15: Solar System Smackdown – Venus Vixens (249) vs. Uranus United (120)

2014 Season (Season One)

Interested in scores and stats from the 2014 season? Check out our team page on! For the numbers nerds among us, we’re in the process of assembling more detailed stats from this season, too!