The Keweenaw Peninsula

Pronounced Key-Win-Naw (not like the grain, quinoa) is a beautiful peninsula making up the northernmost part of Michigan. For those uninitiated, they may be unaware that Michigan is made of two separate land masses, the Upper Peninsula (the U.P., or Yoop), and the lower peninsula, or lower mitten, or troll-land (okay kidding, but many like to make the jest of living below the bridge).

There is an uncountable amount of things that make this area such a special place. Not only the UP itself, but the peninsula of the peninsula, the Keweenaw.

It is believed “Keweenaw” is an Ojibwa word that means “portage or place where portage is made”. It has also been told to us by others of long heritage here, that “Keweenaw” means to “meet in the middle.” Either way, it makes a lot of sense.


There’s more to come on this page, but for now, we feel this video really captures a good portion of what makes this place is so great. Come visit us!

Here is a Seemingly endless tumblr pictorial of Keweenaw history

Getting Around

The peninsula has a main vein that runs the length and up the middle, US State Highway 41. This highway runs from the tip of the peninsula in Copper Harbor all the way down to Miami, Florida. Pretty cool huh? Beyond the center highway, there are two other main roads that run along the north and south shores.  Some folks enjoy a long leisurely drive around the peninsula, often referred to as a circle tour. This can take several hours if you wish to stop and enjoy the sights.

There’s only 1 or 2 cab companies and they stay pretty much in the concentrated city areas (Hancock, Houghton, and Calumet).

Beyond the main paved roads there are miles and miles of two tracks and logging roads all about the peninsula. In the winter, many residents use snowmobiles as their sole means of transportation.

There is a big biking community in the Keweenaw as well, and many folks enjoy daily group rides, pedaling to work and school, or enjoy the amazing and world renowned IMBA Trails in Copper Harbor.


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