We’re Recruiting!

The Keweenaw Roller Girls want to grow our league!

Vulnerability is not about fear and grief and disappointment (1)


We’re seeking new skaters (Fresh Meat) to join us on the flat track. No experience? No problem!

Each season the Keweenaw Roller Girls host a 10 week program that teaches the 101 of skating and roller derby. This year marks our 6th rendition of this program. If you’ve never skated before, that’s okay, but you will need your own gear. Skates, knee, elbow and wrist guards, helmet, and mouthguard.

Over the course of the 10 weeks we teach the mechanics of propulsion, transitioning, speed skating, and how to block and be blocked, as well as an introduction to the rules to get those mental sponges wet.  This is a fast paced sport with lots of strategy. This program is to get new skaters familiar with the sport and what it is like to be on roller skates.

Once the program has reached it’s conclusion, each skater is provided with an opportunity to take the Minimal Skills Requirement test or MSR. This test insures you have an understanding of safe play, can place control over your body and your skates, and is required in order to play in an actual game.

So here’s the stuff to know:
When: Starting Sept 18th (Sunday) – Classes are on Sundays from 12-3pm – these are dedicated to you, Fresh Meat. You are expected to make as many of these as possible. Available to attend (as supplement only not as a substitute) are the regular league practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30pm. This gives you track time and a place to practice new skills, however, many advanced drills will be off limits to you.

Where: Houghton County Arena  – this is our competition home and practice space in the late spring and summer. Once the snow flies and the ice hits the rinks KRG moves to our alternative spaces. Spaces includes, Finlandia University, Hancock High School, and Jeffer’s High School. All within 10-15 minutes from home in Hancock, MI.

How much: The program is $150 in total. This can be split into two payments of $75. It is nice to have an opportunity to test things out before you completely commit, so KRG offers the first two sessions “free,” after which the first payment is due on the 3rd Sunday.

In addition, each league skater must purchase liability insurance through the WFTDA. This is purchased annually. Your initial insurance costs are pro-rated as the insurance goes from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year. Annually the cost is $75, when you purchase insurance now it is around $40.

Buying Skates and Gear:  Please contact us through our website, email, or facebook page to inquire about special pricing on gear. There are several websites to purchase gear from, though unfortunately, in our neck of the woods there are no brick and mortar stores to buy from.

Join the KRG Fresh Meat 6.0 Facebook group for more info, or contact us here!

Solar System Smackdown 2016


Join us on Saturday, August 6 for fast-paced, hard-hitting roller derby action!

Every year, KRG wraps up the home season with the Solar System Smackdown. Skaters from leagues all over the upper midwest are mixed into two teams to duke it out for control over the solar system!

For the past three years, the Venus Vixens have walked away from the Smackdown victorious. Will this year’s challengers, the Black Holes, sink that winning streak?

Doors open at 5pm
First whistle at 6pm
Tickets $5, Kids 10 and under free

Houghton County Arena
1500 Birch St.
Hancock, MI

There will be food from Habañeros Fresh Mexican Kitchen, drinks (half price until first whistle), activities for the kiddos, and a half time event hosted by the Houghton MI Skatepark!

The Houghton MI Skatepark half time event is the Game of S-K-A-T-E and will be the last and final match between reigning skateboarders with the winners earning the KRG Heavyweight Championship Title. During the bout, Houghton MI Skatepark will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets and Houghton MI Skatepark merchandise, with all proceeds going toward the skatepark.

Tickets are $5 at the door or online (http://krgvsmm16.bpt.me/)

After the stardust has settled, swing by the after party at Bills B&B for a night of fun and dancing with the band, Night Screamer!

KRG features Project HOPE

JULY 9 2016 KRG vs LMM
KRG will feature Child and Family Services of the U.P.’s “Project HOPE” at July 9th Bout

It’s finally Summer in the Copper Country and (despite not having a bout for this month of June) the Keweenaw Roller Girls have been hard at work. The league has decided to focus our energies on fundraising and community outreach this month. We are excited to announce that at our next bout, on July 9th , KRG will feature Child and Family Services of the U.P.’s “Project HOPE!

Child and Family Services of the U.P. is a local, non-profit agency based out of Marquette, MI, with offices operating out of several Upper Peninsula counties, including our own Houghton County. They offer a slew of community, family, and homeless prevention based services throughout the region.

Project HOPE is a 90-day prevention program for local homeless and runaway youth. It is designed to provide emergency shelter for said youth, reunification services with their family (if applicable), or assistance in finding other stable living arrangements. Their positive youth development approach focuses on existing strengths, encourages leadership and incorporates community involvement and recreational activities. Project HOPE’s goal is to prevent youth from running away and to end youth homelessness in Houghton County.

Currently, Project HOPE is experiencing a lack of host homes for the emergency shelter component of their program. If you are a caring adult (or know one) who is willing to share their time and home, for up to 21 days per youth, call Jim Boggio to inquire about becoming a HOPE Host Home (906) 281-0937. You can also meet Jim and learn more about Child and Family Services of the U.P. at our next home bout at the Houghton County Arena on July 9 th at 5 p.m.

See ya’ll there!
– Starbuck

Keweenaw Path Fundraiser 2016

On Saturday, May 14th, individuals from all over our community made their way to Copper Harbor, MI for the 12th Annual Keweenaw Path Fundraiser. Keweenaw Path was started in order to raise funds and awareness for our local shelter which benefits those who have been affected by domestic violence.

Participants started their journey from all over the peninsula. Some biked from Houghton, some walked the entire length of the road that climbs and descends Brockway Mountain, and others ran and roller skated from Esrey Park along the lakeshore, all to join together in festivities at the Copper Harbor Community Center.

Keweenaw Peninsula Land

When everyone in the Keweenaw woke up on Saturday morning it was hovering around 30 degrees. The wind was taunting and a light dusting of snow attempted to intimidate those who were to be outside for the day. We’re Yoopers though, and born here or not, we’re resilient and prepared, it’s a part of the living.

We bundled in more protective gear that usual and we set off for what was to be a beautiful day. Mittens covering our wrist guards, and knit hats stuffed under our helmets we made our way along M-26 followed by a cool gal in a Chevy El Camino with a sign hanging off the back that read: CAUTION: Skaters Ahead!

KRG Keweenath Path 2016
Within a few strides we heated right up, the snow flurries looked no more intimidating than the down of a duck and the roaring waves of Lake Superior became our soundtrack for the next 9 miles.

We are so very fortunate to live in a place this beautiful and to be able to act to benefit our community in ways like this.  The Keweenaw is home to compassionate people and a community ethic second to none. Since its beginning Keweenaw Path has raised thousands of dollars for the shelter through the efforts of participants, organizers, and donations. Here’s to another successful year!

If you would like to donate – please make all checks payable to the Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter and mail payment to:

Keweenaw Path Fundraiser

PO Box 164, Copper Harbor, Michigan, 49918

Yooper on Yooper Derby – KRG vs Dead River Derby – Saturday May 7th


Who can resist the siren call of roller derby? Join us on Saturday, May 7 for some fast-paced, hard-hitting, yooper on yooper roller derby action when KRG goes up against Marquette’s Dead River Derby!

Doors open at 5pm
First whistle at 6pm
Tickets $5, Kids 10 and under free

Houghton County Arena
1500 Birch St.
Hancock, MI

There will be food, drinks (half price until first whistle), activities for the kiddos, and a half time event hosted by the folks from the Houghton MI Skatepark! Tickets are $5 at the door or online (http://krgvsdrd16.bpt.me/)

Already a die-hard derby fan? Check out our VIP Season passes!http://krg16.bpt.me/